GLOW+GetHERS Manifestation Planner

Layla k’s highly anticipated healing journal: Grace & Glamour: Transformation in Style is dropping this Fall, we promise. In the meantime, our GLOW+GetHERS Yearly Planner will get you RIGHT for this year and beyond hunty! It is beautifully designed and it covers everything from your immediate goals to finance and fitness + BONUS sheets for budgeting and reciting affirmations!

Set your intentions to bring forth much needed ABUNDANCE, ALIGNMENT, and mental CLARITY. RELEASE the past and HEAL to make room for your dreams and VISIONS to manifest. We encourage you to utilize this planner to journal, organize your thoughts, outline your goals, get your coins in order, set tasks and more importantly, complete them. QUEEN, this can be the year that you GLOW UP, but to be clear, this will only happen if you are willing to put in the necessary WORK!

Are you ready to do the work? Well if your answer is YAAAAAAAS, then TAP the button below to start SLAYING your goals today!