Mademoiselle Layla k., Creative Director

Layla k. is Creative Director and founder of Madison Harlow. She has over 10 years experience in marketing and social media as well as 23 years of accomplishments in the fashion industry. Affectionately known as, ``Miss Viral,`` Layla blends creativity with fashion genius and her work has been published internationally in high end magazines and on television. She's the #girlboss who works closely with our clients and manages the day-to-day aspects of agency.

Layla k

Monsieur Duwan, the Prince of Lead Generation

Duwan Justin oversees our lead generation efforts as well as data analytics, email marketing, search engine optimization, and tracks offline conversions. Additionally, Duwan creates and distributes photo and video content for the agency and its clientele under his brand, Duwan Justin Films.

Duwan Justin

Darci, the Beauté Behind the Curtain

Darci Daye has successfully managed show production and model castings for MHPR for the past 3 years, while also launching her own swimwear collection, Mynx Mob.

Darci Daye

Shayne aime la loi

Shayne Lee is our resident paralegal, managing trademark registration and copyright processes for MHPR and its clientele. She also provides legal assistance and ongoing business development for our brand.

Shayne Lee